Pigtown Design: The Good and The Bad

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First up, what did you think of the Olympics Closing Ceremony?imageI watched the live stream from the BBC (thanks to Tunnelbear.com) and thought it was pretty interesting, with lots of classic rock music. However, when I watched the NBC broadcast, it looked like a mash up of seemingly unrelated things.

My friend David was in this scene, and we’re pretty sure we saw him!imageHe told me that the Spice Girls were his opening act.image

We had a small party to watch the closing ceremonies, and the most fun part of the evening was eating some of the delicious cupcakes my friend Julie made. I had found some fun cupcake papers and toppers that were PERFECT for the event.imageThey’re from Meri Meri, which has some great party pieces.

Here’s our friend posing with his cupcake,and then licking all of the icing off it!



The fun events of the weekend were overshadowed by the tragic shooting of our dear friend Larry, who was shot six times, and is still alive.Most unfortunately, the person with him was killed. I featured some images from Larry’s amazing house a few months ago, but thought I’d share some of them again.



Larry’s a vibrant and out-going member of the Mt. Vernon neighbourhood in Baltimore and is known by everyone, and everyone loves him!

He and his partner run a gorgeous bed and breakfast called Empire House, which I had been planning to feature on Pigtown*Design.image

I hope that you will put some good wishes and positive thoughts out into the ether for Larry. He needs all of the good thoughts he can get.

Thank you.

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