Pigtown Design: The Holiday Shopping Season is Upon Us

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And so it begins…

The search for the perfect present for each person on your list.

Several years ago, my family, including my siblings and their spouses, and nine nieces and nephews, decided to choose names, which makes things a little easier. But to put a twist on that, we choose a letter of the alphabet and everyone has to buy a present beginning with that letter. I think that last year’s letter was P.

Once again this year, I am going to be an advocate for Small Business Saturday, November 30th.imageA number of my friends own small businesses and shops, and I do my best to patronize them, and I encourage others to do so as well.

My friends at With Gratitude are great about supporting local artists in their shop.imageA local artist makes these fun necklaces from old watch faces. The price point on them is really reasonable and each piece is unique.

At Halcyon House, I am always drawn in by their great selection of jewelry and accessories!It’s so hard to choose which piece I want when I am there, and I am usually racked with indecision (I am a Libra) and end up not getting anything at all… some of the time!

Pal Andrea who owns Bosom Buddy Bags has such a sense of style. I am carrying one of her bags these days and I constantly get stopped to ask where it came from!imageHer artisans live and work here in Baltimore, so that’s doubly good!

Stephanie from The House Downtown always has the best accessories for the house and such a discerning eye.imageShe even has an on-site design studio for consultations and bigger design jobs.

So this holiday season, do what I do… support small businesses, especially ones where you know the owners. You’re never going to get personal service at a big box store like you will at a

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