Pikesville 8th Grader Gets Assault Charge for Kissing Girl on a Dare

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A middle school dare ended up sending a Pikesville Middle School student on a trip that went further up the chain than the principal’s office. The 13-year-old boy is facing assault charges after he kissed a girl, Baltimore County police told ABC2.

It was more than a stolen kiss. Acting on a dare, the eighth grader grabbed the girl’s shirt, and “open mouth kissed her with his tongue.” That resulted in police being called, and the student receiving second-degree assault charges as well as disciplinary action from the school.

The story quickly went viral over the weekend, as everyone stopped to consider what past dare may have actually been a violation of the law.

In terms of the law, police were justified. The Daily Mail points out that Maryland has no minimum age for criminal responsibility.

Robby Soave at Reason wasn’t a fan of the charge: 

I’m not saying the boy’s transgression should go unpunished. What I’m saying is this: he should not be charged with assault. He’s 13. Thirteen-year-olds do stupid stuff. They screw up. And when the consequences of their actions are as minor as this, it’s better to reprimand them in a manner that does not involve the criminal justice system.



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  1. “And when the consequences of their actions are as minor as this……” I am really sick and tired of seeing this boy made out to be so maltreated by some media outlets and on some comment sections. Evidently forcing sexual contact on a girl without her permission is “no big deal” to a majority of males whose opinions/comments I’ve read. I sincerely hope they’re either childless or have only sons. Goddess help any girl child who has a father with that attitude. (Mine, by the way, would have called the law on the little punk too.)

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