Recent years have been rife with news of those losing their homes. And now Edgar Allan Poe, dead for 162 years, finds himself swept up in the housing crisis. The well publicized money troubles of Baltimore’s Poe House and Museum, where the author lived for several years, have inspired Washington-area Poe fans to stage a benefit concert.

Though there are some who say the impending closing of the Poe House is no big deal, concert organizer Kai Hsieh wasn’t going to take this lying down, and “immediately went into action mode.”

The event will feature four bands: Lenorable (a Poe reference?), Nunchucks, Dance for the Dying, and Lions & Tigers & Whales. It’s set to take place at 9:30 pm on October 7 at the Velvet Lounge in DC. Tickets are eight dollars.

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  1. Fantastic, we need to save all the history we can. We cannot take any of it for granted. And one day in the future when the surrounding area has finally started to turn around for the better, maybe we will be able to thank the Poe House for being one of the reasons for that turn-around.

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