Police Helicopter ‘Attacked by Laser Beams’ in Maryland

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laser pointers
Laser pointers

Attention Marylanders: don’t point friggin’ laser beams at police helicopters.

In Carroll County, WBAL-TV reports that a man was arrested after pointing a laser at a police chopper. The helicopter was in the Westminster area when the cockpit was “hit by a green laser beam approximately eight times, State Police said.

As a spokeswoman put it, “They were literally attacked by laser beams coming from a different area in Carroll County.”

While it all sounds a little sci-fi, there are serious consequences in the real world. This threw the crew off its task, and the pilot and crew chief suffered eye injuries as a result. The distraction could also cause the crew to lose control of the chopper, though that did not happen in this case.

Police caught up with the man responsible in Sykesville. They confirmed the weapon used was a laser pointer.

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