Police presence endured last night in front of Petit Louis — Baltimore City’s frequent ceremonial show of goodwill and safeguarding after a serious crime has occurred — with an empty police Jeep parked at the 4800 block of Roland, lights flashing, and meanwhile the strong-bodied officer/driver standing watch on foot at the corner of Roland and Upland. All in response to the well publicized holdup occurring around 8 p.m. on Wednesday night at this location — civic leader Sally Michel and her 60-something friend, the robbery victims.

Staff at Petit Louis said they had no information about police agenda. Pleasant note: The restaurant was still active, with several customers finishing meals close to 10 p.m. The officer himself explained, “[The police department] will do what it wants to do until the [criminals] are caught.” He said he does not know if he, or any other officer, will be posted to the same spot tonight.

“That guy’s got the easiest gig on the force this evening,” joked my boyfriend, after we agreed that no wrongdoer would aim even to scope that particular section of Roland while a sturdy cop’s standing by. To be sure, it is a nice formal gesture on the city’s part. A comforting one.

No doubt, when an intense incident occurs, like the holdup, or even the recent instance of the car thief’s arrest, residents of an extra sleepy, notoriously safe hood, like Roland Park, are bound to be more stunned than some who live on rowdier Baltimore roads.

Here’s hoping Roland Park swiftly returns to a mild-as-can-be, civilized burg starting yesterday, and that recent crimes deserve rightly to be branded flukes, which seems mighty likely.

Better yet, here’s hoping that all Baltimore residents in all neighborhoods will live in greater peace and harmony in 2012. And cheers to the policemen and women standing outside in the cold, watching over things.

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  1. I know it isn’t the best tactic when faced with a gun threat, but I’m lovin’ that one of the gals refused to give up her purse. Not to be too glib about it, but when faced with the concept of having to rebuild a stolen purse and (worse still) dealing with getting a new license at the DMV, it is arguably worth the risk.

  2. Hoping the Petit Louis kitchen is keeping the officers fed with a steady supply of their famous frites!
    Merci, Baltimore P.D.!!

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