Popular Pizza Joint Iggies to Move to Ruxton

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Riderwood Village

Iggies, the popular Mt. Vernon BYOB pizza joint, is moving to Riderwood Village on Bellona Avenue, a few feet in from the Joppa Road intersection, possibly as soon as November.

The eatery, owned by Lisa Henkman, has been a resounding success at its Calvert Street location. Henkman’s husband Peter Wood said the move is still being worked out due to zoning issues because there has never been a restaurant in the small shopping center, which houses the Riderwood post office, a dry cleaners and Ruxton Animal Hospital. A large space that used to house James Bryan hair salon has been vacant for years and local stationery store Down’s left a small space  just recently.

Wood told The Baltimore Sun that the reason for the move was to keep the business alive at a much less hectic pace.  The restaurant, which features made-to-order gourmet pizzas with fresh ingredients like squash, wild mushrooms and more, is typically packed on weekend nights. At the new location, the couple plan to run a smaller restaurant and add new menu items. “I’ve been talking about making gelato for three years,” Wood said.

This is a huge move for the largely residential area, which has few restaurants in the neighborhood.  Iggies popularity has extended beyond just Mt. Vernon.  Many Ruxton families are familiar with the restaurant, said one resident who lives off Bellona Avenue. A Ruxton-Riderwood teenager’s response to the news: “That is so awesome! But it stinks for the people who live in Bolton Hill and Mt. Vernon.”

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  1. OMG!! I’m going to cry, I’m soooo excited!!
    Now an Alice Pizza is only 2 minutes away!
    This is, BY FAR, the best news this summer!!
    Thank you Lisa and Peter!!!

  2. Okay, I get it…but the existing place is soooo great – bottom line is that wherever it is, Iggie’s is going to attract a crowd. Lucky Ruxton to have this in their yard. Best wishes for continued success!!

  3. Congrats Peter,

    I hope to frequent your place very often, when everything is in the works.

    Good Luck!!!

  4. Actually, the residents of Bolton Hill and Mount Vernon will not miss them, as we have multiple pizza joints that are committed to the neighborhood and city, within walking distance, and that are better than Iggie’s, and we don’t even have to worry about parking spots at our local strip mall. Imagine that! This is completely lame on multiple levels – couldn’t they have hired more people if they wanted it to be less hectic?

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