Preakness Likely to Retire Binge-Drinking Centaur Mascot

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I’ve had a problem with Kegasus, the half-human, half-horse Preakness mascot, since his debut in 2011. But it wasn’t his low-brow, irresponsible vibe. It was mostly that despite his punning name, he isn’t a pegasus; he’s a centaur. (Come on, people!)

But that’s not why the Maryland Jockey Club will likely ditch the mascot for the 2013 Preakness Stakes. They say they no longer need the mythical equine with a drinking problem to attract 20-somethings to the event.

If they’re looking for new horse hybrid mascot to class up their brand, I’ve got an idea: Sippogriff, the ascot-wearing half-eagle, half-horse who drinks responsibly.

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