With a world of educational possibilities in front of them, students in the upper school at Glenelg Country School seize the opportunity for exploration through the Capstone Integrative Creative Research Project. Open to all seniors, students have the unique opportunity to “choose their own adventure,” pursuing their passion in a research project of their own design.

Pulling together multiple disciplines, students work throughout the year to complete this project. While their work is guided by feedback, students are in charge, defining their goals and working independently to complete the project. Rather than focus on a perfect outcome, students are urged to focus on the process, building project and time management skills. Final projects are then shared in one-night performances, in presentations to small groups of students, or with the upper school student body. The final step has the seniors present and defend their work to a group of teachers in an oral defense for feedback and grading. Past projects include an original musical about a student’s experience living with Tourette’s Syndrome, and modern pop songs composed of Romantic era poetry and music. While the work can be challenging and demanding, having such creative ownership in a Capstone project is wonderfully rewarding for students.

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