Medical Studies is part of Notre Dame Preparatory School’s Science-Technology-EngineeringArt-Math (STEAM) Program. Laying the groundwork for students interested in pursuing the medical field, Medical Studies is supported by a plethora of classes, a new Innovation Wing, NDP’s Women In…(WIN) Experiential Learning Program and the Women in Medicine club.

The basic sciences ground the medical program, with additional medical-focused classes, from infectious disease to biology of cancer, elevating it. The newly opened Innovation Wing, which houses NDP’s Medical Suite, allows students to complete advanced laboratory experiments. In this new space, students can explore the human body with a touch of the finger thanks to the full-size Anatomage Table.

The Women In…(WIN) program places students in settings to engage in hands-on, realworld opportunities. Students have shadowed physicians and nurses, observed surgeries, and more. The Women in Medicine club focuses on bringing women who are involved in the field in to discuss their careers and career pathways with the students.

“The hallmark of NDP’s Medical Studies program is that it lays a foundation for students interested in pursuing college majors and careers in medicine, public health, or medical research,” says Mary Agnes Sheridan, Director of STEAM at NDP. “Coursework, internship opportunities, and club activities combine to create this holistic experience.”

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