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Though she spent almost two decades as a CPA, healthy living has always been Debbie Schultz’s true passion. For decades, she has embraced exercise as a way to reduce stress and clear her mind.

About thirteen years ago, Schultz left the world of numbers behind to launch a new career built around fitness. As a personal trainer, she works with a variety of clients, helping them gain strength, improve balance and harness the positive energy that comes from a great workout.

Schultz has been certified as a personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise and has received two hundred hours of certification as a yoga instructor. When working with clients, she creates individualized programs customized to their particular needs, whether that includes rehab from an injury, preparing for a hip or knee replacement, or simply trying to stay healthier overall.

Here, Schultz shares how she got started in personal training, what she does with her clients and what she loves most about her job:

How did you get started with your personal training business? 

Although I majored in Accounting at Towson University and worked in public accounting for 18 years, exercise and healthy living was always my “hobby.”  When I was ready for a career change,  personal training came to the forefront.

What I enjoyed most about public accounting was the interaction with my clients and helping them solve problems.  Although to most people accounting to personal training are polar opposites they weren’t to me as both involve working closely with others and problem solving.

I got my personal training certification through ACE and supplement that with ongoing continuing education. Also after almost 13 years of personal training there has been a lot of “field learning.”

What is your personal philosophy on exercise and wellness overall?

I believe life is meant to be enjoyed – so everything in moderation. Exercise and eat well so you can enjoy doing what makes you happy.

What does a typical session include?

Sessions are half an hour or an hour and either individual sessions or workouts with a partner. Sessions are generally, core, strength and flexibility base. I will move you through mini-circuits alternating body parts so that you are always moving and the nonworking muscles are in “active rest” vs. the traditional method of strength training where you rest between sets.

Who are your typical clients? Who can benefit most from working with a trainer like you?

My client base is generally age 45 to 85. It includes a variety of people, including women who hit menopause and realize their bodies are changing, individuals with autoimmune diseases like MS, Parkinson’s and fibromyalgia and older individuals who want to work on balance (which also involves improving strength).

It is really about meeting your client where they are and working with them to improve their fitness level in a manner that makes the client feel comfortable. You never want to push a client to perform an exercise that makes them feel uncomfortable and/or may cause pain.

What do you love most about your job?

When my clients tell my how the benefits of the workout sessions are carrying over to their everyday life with improved balance and fewer aches and pains and making it easier to  perform their daily activities.

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