At Renaissance Fine Arts, sisters Merritt Miller and Rachel Rubin showcase a smart and diverse collection of art, including artists that range from regional to international. The gallery, started by their mother in the 1980s, has a constantly evolving collection – pieces sell and are replaced on a regular basis.

The sisters pride themselves on their ability to find art that is exceptional, then bring it back to the Baltimore community. “We’re local and that’s what we’re about,” says Miller. “Finding art nationally and internationally and bringing it here.”

Here, Miller shares the story of the gallery and some of her favorite things about the job:

BFB: How did you get you get started at Renaissance Fine Arts?

MM: My sister, Rachel, and I are partners; our mom started the gallery thirty years ago. Now we have our three locations. Rachel and I have been doing it independently of our mom for about 5 years.

I grew up doing it – with my mom, a single mom, who started at her house. We grew up around it and always knew that’s what we wanted to do – and it’s fun! There’s such a draw.

BFB: What is your favorite item in the gallery right now?

MM: That’s like asking which child do you like better. It’s really tough – we have so many different things.

If you look at what I take home or what Rachel takes home, it’s a smattering – it could be photography, there could be an abstract painting. It could be because of the color of the blue, something as simple as that. Sometimes, the color strikes you and speaks to you.

BFB: What is your go-to recommendation for holiday gift?

MM: There’s something for everybody. Someone will be looking for a wonderful piece of blown glass or a chess set by Anthony Quinn’s son, Lorenzo Quinn. It could be a painting, a photograph, an Andy Warhol. There really no one go-to. Art is so personal.

BFB: What style icon or celebrity could you imagine shopping at the gallery?

MM: We have certainly had notable clients – but we can’t kiss and tell!

BFB: What’s new and exciting at Renaissance Fine Arts?

MM: There’s always something new! There’s something new here everyday, literally.

Right now we are just finishing up the tail end of our regional artists show – artwork by artists local to Baltimore, DC, Pennsylvania. It’s a variety – some abstract, some traditional. In December, we’ll have a focus on what we call the “objects of desire” – bronze and different sculptural works.

We always have different things, we feature different things each month. There’s always something new. Our walls are always changing – we sell it, so we’re putting something new up after that.

Renaissance Fine Arts is located at 88 Village Square in the Village of Cross Keys in Baltimore. For more information, visit

Kit Waskom Pollard is a Baltimore Fishbowl contributing writer. She writes Hot Plate every Friday in the Baltimore Fishbowl.