Jamal Bryant/via Instagram
Jamal Bryant/via Instagram

Protestors have become a common sight on the streets of Baltimore over the last month. But on Tuesday morning, they took to the highways. 

A group led by Rev. Jamal Bryant shut down exits on I-395 during Monday morning’s commute, bringing traffic to a standstill. The group was rallying against construction of a new $30 million juvenile jail that would contain 60 beds to house teenagers charged as adults.

“You mad? We ain’t going no where and neither is traffic until the governor moves juvenile jail off budget!” Bryant wrote on Facebook. He added that the goal of the action was to show what it was like to be black in Baltimore.

Traffic is at a standstill!! So must the prison pipeline…all 5 exits to Baltimore are closed! #baltimoreuprising pic.twitter.com/k6RRsO10B8

— jamalbryant (@jamalhbryant) May 26, 2015

The protestors eventually ended up at the corner of Washington and MLK Blvd.

Their target wasn’t the Baltimore Police Department’s handling of the Freddie Gray case, but the call to Shut It Down rang true to the #BaltimoreUprising.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Technical.ly Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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  1. not really a very good way to win friends and influence people. how did this hurt hogan?

  2. Jamal’s speaking fees go up with events like this. Al Sharpton didn’t acquire his standing by remaining on the sidelines out of view.

  3. I am glad these people decide it is a good idea to hold up people trying to get to work since a large percentage of the protestors have no job to go to. How about they spend as much time filling out job applications as they do complaining….. You can’t tell me they do have the choice to live the way they do. They have nicer clothes than I do, covered in tattoo’s, eat nicer food than I do, all on the governments dime. I have to work for my clothes and food…..

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