Chess is the game of kings, and for no small reason.  It takes strategy and intellect, and a wealth of patience.  Ron Weasley is a chess master, and the world’s cutest old man plays a game against himself in this animated short by Pixar.  Some things are just easier to do when surrounded by other enthusiasts, and I feel like learning chess must be one of those things.  I’ve always struggled with teaching myself via YouTube, because there are some things you just can’t get from a free instructional video – a personal touch, and any ounce of quality. 

Each Monday and Wednesday afternoon at the Pennsylvania Ave branch of the Enoch Pratt, novices and newbies come together for the sake of perfecting the pastime of prior royals.  It won’t be nearly as dangerous as Wizard’s Chess, though, so you may feel free to leave your helmet at home.

1531 W North Ave
Baltimore, MD

Monday and Wednesdays
3:00p – 5:00p

To exercise your brain and meet new people!

This is the Enoch Pratt, guys.  It’s free.