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Drink, Play and Be Merry at the Walters’ Medieval Game Night


Chess with Drink

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned game of chess with a glass of mead?

The UMBC Chess Team is Final-Four Bound, As Usual

UMBC's Niclas “The Dark Knight” Huschenbeth (left) at the Pan-Am championships (UMBC)
UMBC’s Niclas “The Dark Knight” Huschenbeth (left) at the Pan-Am championships (UMBC)

The Ravens advanced in the AFC playoffs over the weekend, leaving football fans daydreaming about another Lombardi Trophy. The Terps’ basketball team has only one loss, meaning a March Madness run may soon be in their future. But amid all the well-marketed hype, let’s not forget the area’s other dynasty: the UMBC chess team.

Pushing Pawns: Chess at the Enoch Pratt


Chess is the game of kings, and for no small reason.  It takes strategy and intellect, and a wealth of patience.  Ron Weasley is a chess master, and the world’s cutest old man plays a game against himself in this animated short by Pixar.  Some things are just easier to do when surrounded by other enthusiasts, and I feel like learning chess must be one of those things.  I’ve always struggled with teaching myself via YouTube, because there are some things you just can’t get from a free instructional video – a personal touch, and any ounce of quality. 

Baltimore’s Newest Chess Champion


Brandon Boles (left) shakes hands with Jaylon Simpson (right) before the Baltimore Kids Chess League’s citywide championship, hosted by Johns Hopkins University. Simpson finished the day undefeated and was crowned first-grade chess champion.