Ravens Upgrade Stadium with Aerial ‘Skycam,’ Massive Video Boards

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A shot of a Ravens touchdown run on Aug. 10 from the new SkyCam. Still via Baltimore Ravens/SkyCam.

The Ravens have become the first NFL team to permanently bring SkyCam’s aerial cameras to their home turf, introducing a cable-suspended system that captures shots while zooming over the gridiron of M&T Bank Stadium.

The fans will benefit the most from this arrangement. The views from the cams will be broadcast onto recently installed two 4K screen, each 200 feet wide – nearly double the width of their predecessors – at both ends of the stadium.

SkyCam will be able to operate them off-site from a studio, under the terms of the company’s agreement with the Ravens. Company higher-ups first unveiled that operational feature at an expo earlier this year.

The Ravens are the first NFL team to have SkyCam’s cams permanently on their home turf.

“Being the first in anything is a bold move, and we applaud the Ravens for their technological, trailblazing spirit,” said SkyCam chief technical officer Stephen Wharton in a statement.

The franchise debuted the new cameras on Aug. 10 during the Ravens’ preseason opener against the Washington Redskins. Here are a couple overhead shots:

Still via Baltimore Ravens/SkyCam
Still via Baltimore Ravens/SkyCam

Back in January, the Ravens franchise announced $144 million worth of sweeping upgrades for the stadium. Phase 1, which was to be completed before the first game up the 2017 season, included the two new screens, upgrades to camera and audio/visual equipment and LED ribbon displays at the suite level.

Phases 2 and 3 will bring other huge changes for fans, including escalators and elevators to the 500 level, double-decker suites at the corners of the stadium’s upper bowl, concession, bar, and restroom upgrades at the club level, kitchen enhancements for vendors to cook better food and an improved sound system.

Those improvements are set to come over the next two seasons.

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