Real Estalking: Houses Seem to Be Selling, No?

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Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

I once read that Warren Buffet picked his stocks based his wife’s purchasing habits. While I’m not sure the story is even true, it has given me license to imagine my own housewife intuition as reliable as the Harvard Business Review.

So, when I say that the housing market is on the mend, I am not relying on the Wall Street Journal. I am, as usual, going with my gut.
You see, the past month has brought all manner of optimistic real estate news. I have three friends who have purchased new houses AND (the real kicker) quickly sold their old ones. Hush- hush talk of several neighborhood (eenspring-gray, alley-vay) properties selling for millions pre-market has been whispered down my lane. By golly, it almost feels like 2005!
Here are a few high-priced houses that have recently sold:
12413 Hunters Glen, Owings Mills
Price: $2,200,000
204 Ridgewood Road, Roland Park
Price: $1,025,000
7 Roland Court, Ruxton
Price: $1,275,000
What house-sale stories have you heard?  Let us know in the comments.
All sold houses courtesy

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