Real Housewives is Coming to Maryland

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real-housewives-of-potomac-lgMarylanders who thought the Real Housewives hits close to home may finally have some proof. The Bravo series is set to explore Potomac, with a couple of familiar names for Baltimore viewers who can’t look away.

The Real Housewives of Potomac goes inside the lives of a group of Montgomery County socialites. The trailer shows them clinking champagne glasses in one scene, and fighting the next.

Among the latest Real Housewives is Gizelle Bryant, the ex-wife of Baltimore pastor and activist Jamal Bryant. A cast bio says she lived in “wedded bliss” in Baltimore for seven years before the marriage came “crashing down” and she moved to Potomac with her three girls.

“If you haven’t heard of Potomac, that’s fine, because that means we’ve done a great job of keeping it a nice little secret,” Bryant says in the trailer. “The African American community is extremely small and everybody wants to get in.”

Also appearing on the show is Baltimore native Robyn Dixon, the former wife of Terps hoops great Juan Dixon who is adjusting to a “new normal.”

For all the parody that the show has inspired, the series’ preview clip shows some interesting potential fodder for amateur sociologists, as the women appear to be set to navigate questions of old money v. new money, African-American identity and representations of Jewish culture. Don’t worry, though, security is also summoned to break up a fight.

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