How to Donate & Recycle ANYTHING in Baltimore

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It’s going to be chilly this Thanksgiving weekend making it an ideal time to clean and purge your closets and clutter. But where are the best places to donate or recycle your discards, even the weird stuff like those golf clubs, art supplies or gardening tools?

Help is on the way! Check out the How to Recycle or Donate ANYTHING in Baltimore Guide. Also find tips on effectively and safely using the free web site to give away literally anything. That used soaker hose and oddball table really are someone else’s treasure. 

Donating to charities and groups that will put your discards to good use may be just the motivation you need to tackle that clutter! Plus, taking the time to recycle, rather trash an item, checks a few boxes off the recycling mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycling really can make you happier.

Listed are places to donate or recycle the following items. Leave a comment if we missed anything. 

Appliances, art supplies, all batteries, bikes, books, building supplies, cell phones, clothing, CFLs, dry cleaning bags, DVDs & CDs, electronics, eye glasses, gardening stuff, golf clubs, grocery bags, household goods, iPods, pharmaceutical medicines, plastics-big, school binders, single-stream recycling, shoes, stuffed animals, styrofoam to-go containers, teen duffel bags, teen back packs, toys, VHS tapes, video game stuff and weird stuff.  To access web site links for each charity or group, click here


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  1. I’m trying to find a way to keep a couple large boxes filled with VHS tapes out of the landfill, but I’m not having any luck finding a recycle center in Baltimore MD that excepts them! Can the VHS tape materials be recycled?

    • Lew-Thanks for the question:

      Option #1:

      See if they’ll take them?

      Options #2: Mail them to AMVAC:

      I just checked in with ACT in Missouri, which was my go-to for recycling, and this group bought them out.

      It’s a nice non-profit who takes the money and runs a big vet center.

      At this point, you’ll need to pay a bit to have them recycled. This type of recycling is not done very much. I know that WBAL called me and chucked about 20,000 tapes and mailed them off.

      You’ll be doing a good deed on a few counts, and the trash karma fairy may gives you a few points.

      Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

    • Also, ACT used to clean, re-sticker, erase and sell the tapes abroad. VHS is used in developing countries. The group supported workforce development for people with disabilities.

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