Relay Foods and Roland Park School Healthy Eating Challenge: Wednesday’s Challenge – Drink Water!

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Infused water with cucumber, fruit and herbs.

Relay Foods and Roland Park Elementary Middle School have teamed up for the Healthy Eating Challenge.  Wednesday’s Challenge:  Drink Water!Today’s activity will help us understand how important it is for all living things to drink water. Just like humans, plants need water to grow up tall and produce some of the delicious fruits and vegetables we eat!

Try this at home: Try to drink only water for two days and pass on sodas, juices, and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Get creative with this challenge by making delicious, thirst-quenching, fruit or cucumber-infused water. Choose your favorite fruit or cucumbers and let it soak in a pitcher of ice-cold water. You can also cold brew tea in the refrigerator over night. Don’t add sweetener! Keep track of how many glasses of water you drink. Notice how you feel after the challenge. Any different?

Get movin’: Get a partner and have them hold a yoga tree pose while you do the sprinkler dance to water the tree! Need an example? Find the tree pose here and the sprinkler dance here!

Have some free time? Click on this link and scroll down to play the “That’s Life, Let’s Grow” game to have fun learning more about the life cycle of various plants and animals!

Enjoy your water and keep dancing!

To make it even better, your purchase dollars can help RPEMS! Just place your order during the week of January 31-February 6 using the coupon code SUPPORTRPEMS or visit and the school gets 20%!


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  1. Water is absolutely key to hydration, and education is a valuable tool to drive this message home among school age children, and other audiences. America’s beverage companies support First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Drink Up” campaign to encourage Americans to drink more water. We also provide a wide variety of bottled water options.

    Notably, years ago, our industry voluntarily implemented national School Beverage Guidelines, reducing the number of beverage calories shipped to schools by 90%. Through this activity and other efforts, such as our Balance Calories Initiative, our industry is doing its part to promote healthier habits. It’s important to remember, though, that all calories count and activity matters. Striking a better overall balance is key to optimal health, and education should continue to advocate comprehensive health behavior change.

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