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Two of Baltimore’s booze purveyors announced partnerships today on products outside their respective wheelhouses.

Sagamore Spirit, makers of Maryland rye whiskey, are partnering with Sierra Nevada on a beer–naturally, a rye ale aged using Sagamore’s barrels. Per the distiller, the red ale uses Maryland-grown malt and will feature some of the same flavor notes as the company’s signature rye: clove, nutmeg and hints of walnut and brown sugar.

And the Rye Ale will pack a punch with a 10 percent ABV.

“Our team is always looking to bring the taste of Maryland-style rye whiskey to more people, and thanks to this collaboration with Sierra Nevada, we’ve found a whole new way to do that,” Brian Treacy, president of Sagamore Spirit, said in a statement. “We couldn’t wait to taste this beer, aged in our charred oak and then barrel-aged at Sierra Nevada.”

The brew will be available for a limited time and should be hitting restaurants, bars and liquor stores now. Anyone who wants a taste can order a glass at Max’s Taphouse in Fells Point starting tomorrow.

Halethorpe-based Heavy Seas Beer, meanwhile, is teaming up with English firm Sandford Orchards on the E.Krispers Cider.

The drink uses 100 percent cider apples–including 34 different varieties–which the brewer says gives it a “bittersweet flavor that’s fruit-focused, crisp, and balanced with a classic finish.”

“To grow the cider market in the U.S., we saw the need for a brand that will have the quality of a cider made from 100 percent cider apples,” Barny Butterfield, owner of Sandford Orchards, said in a statement. “Cider apples have the attributes of sweetness, acidity and tannin needed to produce great, nuanced cider. E.Krispers is made from those apples.”

Heavy Seas CEO Dan Kopman said they’re setting the price point for six packs of E.Krispers at $8.99 in order to attract new cider drinkers.

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