The simple pleasure of a cold Natty Boh is undeniable.  However, it is important to mix things up every now and again for the sake of keeping an open mind and exposing yourself to new things.  In a pinch, you could grab something that looks exciting at The Wine Source, or maybe try something seasonal from Brewer’s.  But how is one supposed to truly learn about good beer versus bad beer, quality craft versus generic, watery, low-calorie beer-like substances?  You need both exposure, and someone to lead you down the path to Beer Enlightenment.

If this sounds familiar, and you’ve found yourself in a beer rut, then you’re in luck.  The Heavy Seas Ale House in Little Italy is hosting an IPA Tasting tonight at 6:30p.  IPAs from around the world will be showcased, highlighted by various appetizers.  For $35, leave your Boh in the fridge tonight to learn about what you should keep an eye out for beyond our fair city.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heavy Seas Ale House
1300 Bank Street
Baltimore, MD



Don’t Forget:
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