Salsa Dancing Party at the MAC

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Salsa Night
catch of the day fish (2)Down at the MAC they’ve been spicing up Wednesdays ever since October 15th. The middle of the week is now the day to get your groove on with their Salsa Dance Party led by Cedric Teamer. Salsa is one of the coolest (and hottest) dance forms, and has surged in popularity here in the U.S. recently. While it can sometimes look intimidating to learn, most of the moves are remarkably simple. All it takes is a little practice, determination, and a willingness to get sucked into the rhythm and energy of the music. Oh yeah, and it’s an amazing workout, too.

The MAC is pretty much the place for Baltimoreans who want to get and stay fit. Their incredible facilities actually make you want to go the the gym. But whether you’re looking to tone your physique or just get those endorphins pumping a little, their mid-week Salsa Party is just what the doctor ordered. Dancing is an incredible way to burn off stress and have fun at the same time. You can come with a partner or shimmy on your own or in a group. And you might just love it so much that you’ll find yourself seeking out salsa bars come Friday night.

For more information about MAC Wellness’ Salsa Dance Party, visit the event’s website.

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