Sartorial Baltimoreal: A Perfect Match

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Photos by Lee Kriel

Lewis Skinner and Katrina Bonds
Ages: 21
Roland Park (Outside of Starbucks on Roland Avenue, where Lewis works part time)

How did you two meet? 
KATRINA : CCBC two and a half  years ago. One of my friends said we should meet because we had the same hair.

We started talking on Facebook and around campus.

How would you describe each others style?
LEWIS: Katrina likes to be comfortable. And she likes colorful dresses. But she doesn’t sacrifice comfort for fashion. Unless it’s shoes!

KATRINA: Lewis has a hipster style except when it comes to blazers. He loves to wear blazers. He likes to wear a little color but I think he prefers the classic black and white.

Whats your favorite city to live in?
BOTH: Baltimore.

KATRINA: But I do love New York.

And what will you two do after college?
KATRINA: Special Education Elementary Teacher

LEWIS: I want to make films. I’m a production assistant now for a company here in town that makes video stories and documentaries for the Baltimore City public schools.

And where are you off to now?
BOTH: To get some coffee!

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