Scenes from Saturday’s Freddie Gray Protests in Baltimore

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Nearly a week after Freddie Gray died in police custody, hundreds of people marched from West Baltimore to City Hall on Saturday demanding justice in the case. After the pre-planned rally at City Hall was over, pockets of violence flared up as protests continued near Camden Yards, and at other points along Pratt Street. Check out some photos:



The march began in Sandtown-Winchester, near the scene of Gray’s arrest. Residents of the area were joined by college students, activists and others.


Throughout the afternoon, peaceful protesters progressed down Pennsylvania Ave., across Martin Luther King Blvd. until reaching downtown. “All Night, All Day, We Will Fight for Freddie Gray,” they chanted.


Protesters rallied briefly in the afternoon at Camden Yards, where the Orioles were set to play the Boston Red Sox. Police in riot gear stood behind a barricade.


Protesters filled the plaza outside City Hall for a rally around 5 p.m. Speakers, including organizer Malik Zulu Shabazz and friends of Gray, urged the crowd to demand justice.

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When the rally was over, two American flags outside City Hall were lowered. On one, protesters raised a black-and-while version of the stars and stripes.


Demonstrators then went back toward the harbor, blocking off the corner of Pratt and Light St. A standoff would remain at that intersection as dark fell.


Outside Camden Yards, s skirmish began, prompting a heavy response from police in riot gear. On Howard St., the protesters smashed windows of three cars, causing police to advance their line in an effort to move the protesters out. Twelve arrests were made during the downtown incidents.

After demonstrations dispersed downtown, protesters re-emerged in Sandtown-Winchester, and were met by police in riot gear, according to Fox45, who carried a live feed into the night. City Paper photo editor JM Giordano reported getting hit by police during a scuffle.

UPDATE:  The total number of arrests over the weekend is 35, with six police officers injured.

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