We may not want to stereotype groups, but we do it anyway; colleges and universities are no exception. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll examine the common judgments held against several local schools, and try to separate fact from fiction.

Certainly you know the stereotypes of Hopkins students:  that they’re all pre-med, that they never leave the library, that they prefer to live in their Charles Village bubble than to venture out into the city at large.

A Hopkins student who blogs for the admissions office takes on these (and other) stereotypes in an attempt to give a more accurate picture of what life as a Blue Jay is like. Some of the pernicious rumors she tackles are:

  • Everyone is pre-med
  • Hopkins is in a dangerous neighborhood
  • Students are cutthroat
  • The school doesn’t care about undergrads
  • There’s no social life, because everyone’s studying too hard.

Tess makes some good points, but it’s hard to know how seriously to take her rebuttal — she is, after all, posting on behalf of the school! Which of these stereotypes ring true to you? Are there any she left off the list?