The Chesapeake Bay is cool. No disrespect. But I gotta say I think this 150-million-year-old super-salty ocean that some researchers accidentally discovered below the sediment of the Chesapeake is kind of cooler.

Half a mile of sediment separates the ancient ocean and the bay, the result of an asteroid impact about 35 million years ago.

They say it’s “very unlikely” that we’re looking at some kind of underwater “lost world” scenario. Too bad; swimming with the dolphins has become so passe.

If you want a way to fully appreciate how long ago 150 million years really is, ask someone else. Once a number gets larger than, like, 120-million or so I start to lose perspective.

By the way, USA Today points out the underground ocean is “ancient enough for dinosaurs to have drowned in.” That’s kind of unnecessarily pessimistic, in my opinion. What about all the dinosaurs that could swim?