The Secret History of UFO Sightings in Maryland

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Maryland UFO sightings

I predict that UFO enthusiasts will see a sharp decline in their productivity at work for about a week or so. The just posted 12,618 declassified case files from the Air Forces various mid-century UFO investigation projects. And you can search by keyword. And the Maryland sightings are pretty awesome.

Check out these notes from a pair of sighting that took place near Loch Raven Dam on Oct. 26 and 27, 1958:

“Large , flat egg-shaped obj, hovering over a bridge. Lights & motor auto went off as it approached close to obj. There was a brilliant flash & loud noise as obj started to rise vertically. Sources claimed to experience burning sensation of their faces.”

Inside that case file are pages upon pages of testimony, notes, photographs, and memos. The conclusion? While, “it can be assumed that the sighting did actually occur as related,” “no valid conclusion could be reached as to the nature of the object or phenomena, and it remains unidentified.”


On a lighter note, the Baltimore Sun points out a local UFO sighting that turned out to be a soap bubble popping on a fence.

So some of them are Scooby Doo, and some of them are X-Files.

Here they are.


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