Septima the Tiger Shark Spotted Near Ocean City

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Meet Septima. She’s a 13-foot-long, half-ton tiger shark, and she recently took a vacation to Ocean City.

We know this because Ocearch, the global shark tracker, put a tracking tag on her back in May when she was hanging out in South Carolina. Since then, she’s traveled more than 3,000 miles up and down the East Coast — including her recent Ocean City jaunt.

Septima’s sighting caused a bit of nervousness around the very popular beach town. Tiger sharks are known to be aggressive, and are responsible for a relatively high proportion of fatal attacks against humans.

Now, it’s also important to remember that unprovoked shark attacks are very, very rare. (And if you’re a woman, the odds are in your favor — 93 percent of shark attack victims over the past four centuries have been male.) And sharks are an important part of the ocean ecosystem. And tiger sharks in particular are in danger due to over-fishing by humans. Just because Septima has been hanging out off the coast of Ocean City is no reason not to go swimming. Especially since Ocearch’s most recent data shows that she’s moved on up the coast to New Jersey. Phew.

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