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wee-chicWee Chic, the popular Green Spring Station shop, is known for its fun, unique selection of kids’ clothes. This fall, the shop is focusing not just on the littles, but also on the health of mothers, with a new social media campaign designed to raise awareness and knowledge of 3D mammography.

Between now and November 9, Wee Chic will donate $1 to the Johns Hopkins Breast Imaging Innovation Fund every time one of their social media posts on the topic is shared. The initiative – dubbed the Tell A Friend campaign – is designed to raise both money and awareness.

3-D mammography represents a significant advancement in preventative breast health. It is the most advanced technology in breast cancer screening currently available. The tool, which can take a scan in 30 seconds, detects 41% more invasive cancers than traditional 2-D mammography and results in 40% fewer callbacks to clarify inconclusive scans.

For Bridget Quinn Stickline, the owner of Wee Chic, this campaign is personal. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, so she understands just how important early detection and prevention initiatives can be.

Mammograms are an important tool for the health of all women. The American College of Radiology and The Society of Breast Imaging recommend annual mammograms for women 40 and older; those under 40 with risk factors for breast cancer should consult with their physicians about when and how frequently to have mammograms.

To share the posts, visit or search #weechicmoms.

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