Photos by Lee Kriel

Cyndy Germershausen
Office Manager
Age 60

Location: Mt. Washington

Why blue?
I’m a ” blue haired old lady .” In the olden days (she smiles)
women would put laundry bluing in their hair to make their gray
hair white. It always came out with a blue tint to it. I’m just an
updated version. And I just had it cut and colored yesterday!

What’s your style?
I’m anti-style! It’s a waste of time. Why spend your life
trying to look like someone else. I shop at second hand stores
and thrift stores. It’s all the fashion I need. And my husband doesn’t
care what I wear!

Where did you get all those bracelets?
I used to sell them to hippies.Now I wear them.

You have beautiful skin.
Black don’t crack honey!

And she was off.