Photo by Artem Beliaikin/Flickr Creative Commons

Maryland shoppers won’t have to worry about incurring the state sales tax on certain items when Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week returns later this month.

From Aug. 14-20, shoppers will not have to pay the state’s 6% sales tax on pieces of clothing and shoes that individually cost $100 or less, even if the total cost of their transaction is more than $100.

The sales tax will also not be assessed on the first $40 of any backpack purchased.

Items like flip flops, prom dresses and clerical vestments are tax-exempt, while football pads, scuba gear and toupees are not.

Sets including a mixture of items that would be tax-exempt and taxable if purchased separately must be taxed together. Clothing alterations are also taxable, as are items used to make or repair clothing, like fabric, buttons, and zippers.

Visit the comptroller’s website for a list of tax-exempt and taxable items, frequently asked questions, and other Tax-Free Week information.