If you knew every action you took while at work was being caught on video, how would that affect your job performance? How about your sanity?

In the case of police, one Maryland lawmaker says all police should be forced to wear body cameras while on duty. The reason? A recent spate of deaths in police custody wherein the testimony of by-standers contradicts the version of events put forth by police.

But Del. Frank Conaway Jr. isn’t floating the idea as a way to keep officers on their best behavior per se, rather as a way to corroborate their testimony and combat the “erosion in confidence” in our law enforcement. And as drastic as it sounds (at least to me) to constantly record everything you see and do with a tiny camera, Laurel police are already doing it. In fact, it has already helped apprehend a drunken-driving, hit-and-run suspect.

What do you think, would you be more or less at ease when approached by police if you knew the entire interaction were being recorded, from as many angles as there are officers present?

(Hey, wait a second, I think I’ve just come up with an idea for producing a low-buget music video that is guaranteed to go viral. Anyone want to split the gas to Laurel?)

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