Simon Pearce Collectibles, from Sunnyfields, Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

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Glassmaking in Simon Pearce’s Vermont workshop.

Last year, when Delbert Adams and his business partner Taylor Klasson took over the Sunnyfields building on Falls Road, they treated the space to a complete overhaul, transforming it from a much-loved gift shop to a breathtaking home center.

But one thing didn’t change: the focus on Simon Pearce collectibles.

“As we were cleaning it out, people kept saying, ‘You’re going to keep the Simon Pearce, right?’” says Delbert’s wife, Gina Adams, who handles marketing and strategy for Sunnyfields. “It’s morphed into a cabinetry, millwork and design/build shop, but the icing on the cake is the glassware. That’s a fun part of the business.”

Pearce learned the glassblowing and pottery trades when he was a teenager, apprenticing in his father’s pottery studio in Kilkenny, Ireland, a town known for its enthusiastic commitment to the arts. He then worked with glassmakers throughout Europe and, eventually, opened his own studio in Ireland in 1971. A decade later, Pearce emigrated to the U.S., opening a studio in Vermont. He has since expanded the company to include additional artisans. It is is now headquartered in Vermont, with another glassmaking facility in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland.

Recently, Gina and Delbert Adams had the opportunity to visit the Vermont location and to see the glassmaking process up close.   Here’s a great video on the Simon Pearce story.

Pearce and his team celebrate the slight differences evident in his work. “The human hand can’t make anything perfect,” he says. “And that’s the beauty of it.”

From functional glassware, like decanters, pitchers and glasses, to sophisticated vases and – a Sunnyfields favorite – pretty glass evergreen trees that make fabulous holiday gifts, Pearce’s work, and that of the artisans who work under his name, is breathtaking.

In addition to the Simon Pearce glassware, Sunnyfields has recently begun offering a line of wooden goods, designed by Pearce’s son Andrew. Including live edge bowls, cutting boards and servers, all made of black walnut or cherry, the wood line is earthy and gorgeous. The pieces are also engravable.

Earlier this year, the Adamses visited the Pearce facilities in Vermont, getting a firsthand look at how the wood and glass items are made and having the opportunity to meet both Simon and Andrew.

The woodshop was especially eye-opening, says Gina Adams.”It’s incredible. Andrew is an engineer and everything is done with equipment he created from his own design.”

The wood pieces are made from whole trees culled from Vermont forests so thick, some trees must be cut to encourage continued growth overall. The woodworkers then make the most of each tree, using the wood for multiple pieces and preserving the stumps to be used as planters.

“We brought it on not just because the product is so beautiful, but also because of the way Andrew does it,” says Adams. “Plus, it complements the glassware and is such a nice family story.”

Sunnyfields carries many of the available Simon Pearce products and what they do not have in the store, they can order directly for shipment within just a few days. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the company’s evergreen series which is, along with the hurricanes and glass ornaments, especially popular at Sunnyfields.

Simon Pearce’s gorgeous pieces make terrific holiday gifts, Adams says. With designs that are both sophisticated and functional, they are items that will be treasured by the recipient – and for generations to come.

“These are gifts of a lifetime,” she says. “Whether young or old, people will keep something like this.”

For more information about Sunnyfields’ goods and services, including the Simon Pearce collection, please visit

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