Some Media Gets Protest Story Totally Wrong

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The Drudge Report isn’t known for being the most balanced or accurate news source. Still, Matt Drudge’s tweet about the weekend protests in Baltimore is a particularly egregious fail.

Drudge tweeted the above photo as an example of the “race riots” consuming Baltimore; commenters quickly assumed that the woman in the photo was being protected from an angry black mob. Except that’s not what really happened, according to a City Paper reporter.CDiQsrKWIAA53Sp

If the print is too small for you to read, that’s Brandon Soderberg explaining that the photo actually shows him restraining an angry drunk woman from provoking fights with protestors. (Check out Soderberg’s Twitter feed for more context and debate about the photos.)

Despite the complex, evolving story on the streets, which involved protestors talking other protesters out of violence, plenty of calm solidarity, and crowds of all races, (and which City Paper did a great job of covering), many media outlets (especially the right-wing ones) seemed insistent on playing up the racial violence angle.

For a smart overview of various takes on the protests in Baltimore, check out this article in Mic.

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