Someone Delivered This Anti-Trump Toilet to the American Visionary Art Museum

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A partial shot of the decorative toilet, Courtesy Matt Craft/AVAM
A partial shot of the decorative toilet, Courtesy Matt Craft/AVAM

Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum is nationally renowned for its displays of work by fringe and self-taught artists. This past weekend, one of those hopeful artists attempted to add to AVAM’s collection by leaving the museum with a toilet scrawled over with anti-Trump sentiments and quotes.

Outlets report the Trump-detesting throne was found at the back of the building on Sunday morning. Police actually showed up there for a reported bomb threat around 7:30 a.m. after a maintenance worker reportedly found it on his way into the museum, according to FOX45. After a cautious look, it seems authorities were quick to notice it was merely a toilet.

The throne was decorated with anti-Trump language and phrases the president-elect himself spoke throughout his campaign. It also prominently featured Trump’s face drawn into the bowl. AVAM spokesman Matt Craft described it in an email as “renegade ‘political art.'” Here’s a full view of the work:

Courtesy Matt Craft/AVAM
Courtesy Matt Craft/AVAM

The still-unidentified artist had plenty of inspiration from this past week. Many have taken it upon themselves to express their frustration about the election’s outcome, though most of them have done it out in public rather than by decorating a bathroom fixture.

AVAM’s director, Rebecca Hoffberger, said in a statement that this wasn’t the first time they received an artful toilet. “We do not know if this was the work of the prior toilet artist. Indeed, art and toilets have had a 100+-year dance, hailing back to the days of France’s Marcel Duchamp,” she said. “Again, we at our unique national museum are pro peaceful expression of thought and committed to meaningful, mutually respectful dialogue.”

Unfortunately for those who wanted to view the toilet in person or see how it runs, authorities said yesterday that the museum is planning to dispose of it. Craft, the museum’s spokesman, said today that while it hasn’t been tossed, it has been removed from public view on the sidewalk.

“It is emblazoned with expletives and we host loads of kid and young family visitors,” he noted, later adding, “As an institution we have very limited storage and are under no obligation to protect or display unsolicited objects.”

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  1. You know, there are so many things one could say about that toilet…but I will leave that for someone else. What I would like to say is that Rebecca Hoffberger is a rock star — AVAM is a national treasure and so is she — and she gave the most diplomatic response to the trumped-up toilet that I could imagine — when they went low, she went high. Well done, Rebecca!!!

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