When NY Fried Chicken was still hawking greasy, battered poultry bits to drunks and insomniacs at the corner of North and Charles, I’m ashamed to say I patronized the place at least a few times a week. I even got bored enough with the standard options to try their mashed potatoes (awful) and their corn on the cob (worse). Well, they shut down and it has probably increased my life expectancy.

But if Baltimore’s Annex Theater and Station North Arts and Entertainment have their way, there will soon be new, less ignominious reasons to visit the space — namely, plays. Both groups are looking to relocate to 1 W North Ave — Station North to house its offices there, the Annex Theater to stage performances. The move will require $25,000 worth of renovations, over $10,000 of which they’ve already raised through Kickstarter.

If the groups can get a use an occupancy permit without any hassle, the renovations should be complete in time to host the Annex Theater’s new play “Equus,” debuting at the end of January.

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  1. does this mean we wont be seeing a renovation at the Parkway anytime soon? I thought this building was a part of the RFP.

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