Time for a change? As the school calendar winds down, many families begin to reflect on how the year unfolded and determine whether they want to make a change for the upcoming academic year—or possibly further down the road. If you are contemplating a new school for your child in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, consider attending one of St. James Academy Spring Visiting Days.

Spring Visiting Days provide a great “first-glimpse” option. For families who aren’t in a rush to switch schools, they offer a relaxed way to get a jump start on the 2019–2020 school search. They tend to be less crowded than fall visiting days, and with deadlines for applications and decisions far in the distance, families can soak up all the school has to offer, pressure-free. Taking place during the school day (see details below), St. James Academy Spring Visiting Days allow families to see the school’s faculty and students in action.

Katie Wareheim, Director of Admission and Enrollment Management at St. James Academy, shares some of the highlights that families can expect to witness during a Spring Visiting Day:

  • Small class sizes of about 14 or 15 students. “This allows the faculty to teach to each individual student—not to the middle or one or the other end of the spectrum,” Wareheim says. “It lets teachers figure out what makes each student tick.” Beyond academics, teachers also focus on the social and emotional development of each student, as these are critical pieces of the Episcopal school’s mission, too.
  • Accelerated academics. “Every middle school student is a part of our International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme,” says Wareheim, who describes the rigorous cross-curricular, project-based program as having a strong critical thinking component. “It’s very hands-on, roll-up-your sleeves learning,” she says.
  • Extracurricular choices. “Departments collaborate on scheduling so that students are given opportunities to do it all,” Wareheim says. “We have fantastic drama productions with professional costumes, lighting, and a band.” The inviting atmosphere also allows students to play team sports beginning in fifth grade. Also, clubs as varied as robotics and entrepreneurship draw students.
  • A pastoral setting. “We’re so fortunate to have 89 beautiful acres to our campus,” Wareheim says. In the fall of 2018, a new outdoor pavilion will serve the dual purpose of an athletic facility complete with stadium seating. It also will be used as an outdoor classroom; the school anticipates that its forthcoming pre-K grade (inaugural class beginning fall of 2018) will utilize the space as an integral part of its outdoor nature curriculum.

Learn more about St. James Academy first-hand at one of our Spring Visiting Days, taking place on May 3, 2018 and May 10, 2018 from 9 – 10:30am. Coffee and conversation with school administrators are followed by tours and a Q&A session. RSVP here.

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