When it comes to marijuana, let it be known that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is “not going to be waving the Schmoke flag of legalization,” which, ironically, is a statement you’d have to be high to understand.

She’s referring to former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke’s push for decriminalization of the drug, so it’s clear enough that she’s expressing her disagreement with his views, but what the heck is a “Schmoke flag?” Schmoke himself has never before heard the term. “I assure you it was never a flag of retreat,” he said.

Here’s an idea. Everyone who’s for legalization of marijuana in Maryland, let’s make some flags, put Schmoke’s face on them and start waving them at rallies. The sooner the better; there is a quixotic bill being launched today “that would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in Maryland.” These flags would be a perfect symbol of the effort.

And, you know, “Schmoke” is sort of like “smoke,” so whatever.

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