State Task Force Finds ‘Insufficient Data’ Linking Mental Illness to Gun Violence

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Months before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Maryland’s General Assembly put together a task force to “[study] gun access laws for people with mental illnesses.” What they found, besides a lot of murky political and legal terrain, was a lack of data linking mental illness — however that’s defined — to gun violence. 

“There wasn’t that overwhelmingly strong connection,” according to task force co-chair Patrick Dooley. But the panel did suggest a handful of changes to gun access laws and police procedure, some of which I can’t believe aren’t already in effect.

The task force proposed that police be allowed to seize guns from individuals who pose a “substantiated” and “credible” threat. Umm, they can’t already do that?

For a list of the rest of the panel’s recommendations, read the article in the Baltimore Sun.

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