States Urged to Lower Blood Alcohol Limit to .05

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The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that states drop the drunken-driving threshold from a .08 blood-alcohol content to a .05 in an effort to reduce the number of deaths caused by drunken driving by 10 percent. For some perspective, if the recommendation were adopted, a 100-pound adult would risk exceeding the limit after a single drink and 200-pound adult after two (drunk in quick succession).

The American Beverage Institute called the NTSB’s recommendation “ludicrous.” (Surprise, surprise.) But even Mothers Against Drunk Driving President Jan Withers is ambivalent about the idea. The change would likely take decades to enact across the country (just as the previous drop from .10 did), and she would rather “save as many lives as possible as soon as possible” through other initiatives.


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