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Cecil County’s Executive Arrested for DUI Last Night

Still via YouTube/Cecil Times

Cecil County’s top elected official was caught behind the wheel after having a few drinks last night, according to state police.

Defrocked Bishop Heather Cook Denied Early Parole

Heather Cook

Former Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook, who fatally struck cyclist Thomas Palermo with her car in Roland Park in December 2014, will remain in prison, a parole commission ruled today.

Maryland Ranked the Safest State for Teen Drivers

What not to do when driving. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Driving will always be a risky activity for teenagers, but Maryland parents may be able to find some solace in a new national ranking that puts the state above all others for teen driving safety.

With Heather Cook’s First Parole Hearing Approaching, a Letter-Writing Effort Aims to Keep Her in Prison

Heather Cook

Baltimoreans are reacting with surprise and anger to the possibility that former Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook may be released from prison this spring, less than two years after she received a seven-year sentence for a drunk-driving hit-and-run accident that killed a Baltimore cyclist and father of two.

What Is Love Anyway?



Love. Local writer Lucy Avalled recently redefined the four letter word when her serious boyfriend was sent to jail.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love doesn’t make fun of me for my obsession with drag queens and lets me watch marathons of RuPaul’s “Drag Race” reality show without questioning my credibility as a grown-up. Love dismantles his drum set and moves it to the garage so that we can have space for my computer desk. Love is trying really, really hard not to cry in the courtroom as I watch him be escorted to jail.

States Urged to Lower Blood Alcohol Limit to .05



The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that states drop the drunken-driving threshold from a .08 blood-alcohol content to a .05 in an effort to reduce the number of deaths caused by drunken driving by 10 percent. For some perspective, if the recommendation were adopted, a 100-pound adult would risk exceeding the limit after a single drink and 200-pound adult after two (drunk in quick succession).

Should Maryland Bars Be Liable for Drunken-Driving Accidents?


green beer

As a bar, how responsible are you for the drunken actions of the patrons you serve? That’s being considered by the Maryland Court of Appeals as it hears a case of a car crash on I-270 that occurred in 2008. A ten-year-old girl died, and her family sustained injuries, after a drunken driver rear-ended them at a speed up to 98 mph.

Why Maryland Grocery Stores Should Sell Wine


First of all, so I can buy a bottle of wine to have with dinner without having to go to an entirely different store. (I grew up in Virginia, and even after five years in Baltimore, this no-alcohol-in-grocery-stores thing seems barbaric to me.) But more importantly:  it might save some lives.

The logic is a little complicated, so bear with me.  A recent study looked at states’ rates of traffic fatalities, and compared them with rates of wine consumption.  States where drinkers overwhelmingly preferred beer and spirits had more traffic fatalities than states where wine consumption was higher.  This makes sense, since wine is involved in only about 10 percent of binge drinking episodes.  Beer? about 66 percent. 

Here’s where the grocery stores come in:  in states where you can buy a nice Shiraz along with your brussel sprouts and Windex — as opposed to states, like Maryland, where you have to visit a special store — wine prices are lower and wine consumption is higher. So why not let grocery stores stock wine, and watch Maryland’s wine consumption rise and its traffic fatalities fall? Sounds win-win to me.