Those recent signs of progress around The Rotunda were no joke: The long-awaited redevelopment is continuing at the Hampden mall, with several new tenants announced this week.

We already knew that MOM’s Organic Market would be opening a grocery store in the space this fall. According to the Baltimore Sun, MOM’s will be joined by:

  • CineBistro, an upscale movie theater/restaurant
  • PetValu, a pet store
  • Moby Dick’s House of Kabob, a Mediterranean/Persian restaurant with locations in Northern Virginia/DC
  • Massage Envy, a day spa
  • Floyd’s 99, a co-ed “rock’n’roll barbershop”
  • Bella Beach, a salon and day spa
  • A fitness center (not yet confirmed)
  • A national coffee chain (not yet confirmed)

Those retail tenants will join the Space Telescope Science Institute, a 379 apartments, and a bunch of offices.

The redevelopment is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

27 replies on “More Stores Announced for the New Rotunda”

    1. Because theyre arent enough in the neighborhood.hampden is probably made up of 75% or more “independent businesses”. Time for something well needed.there were plenty of independent businesses in the rotunda before and most of them shut down bc of business. A mall like that needs well known businesses that are more likely to stay there for more than a year. 🙂

    1. If I recall correctly, Trader Joe’s was approached about this several times after Giant moved out, and each time they said the space was too large, it didn’t fit with their business plan, and they weren’t interested

    2. I love Trader Joes and had to laugh when I saw this comment that they were approached by the Rotunda. Of course they said no, the store seems to think it’s okay to choose the weirdest, most inconvenient spots with NO parking or a spot to unload your groceries into a car. I went to the Towson store and drove away, because there was no parking and then found myself in the traffic circle vortex. Went to Fresh Market instead.

  1. Because 36th Street is full of local independents. There is a reason that franchises become franchises.

  2. Why put business in there that are going to compete with what is already in the neighborhood…makes no sense!

  3. I don’t think we have enough franchises in the city. Complain all you want, some of them are damn good. I’d love to have the option of not having to drive 20 miles to Cockeysville to go to Chilis, or Outback Steakhouse. Having something like this in Hampden/Roland Park is a bonus.

    1. Is that what’s wrong with Baltimore? Not enough chains? Here’s hoping that the whole world becomes a sea of chains so that the next time you travel to Asia or Europe you don’t miss White Marsh quite as much. Disappointed I read this article and even more disappointed I read the comments.

  4. I agree with Joe Carr. We recently moved to Mt. Washington from Ellicott City. We are loving being back in the city, but are put off by having to drive to Towson or Pikesville to shop at a Trader Joe or other national franchises

  5. Franchises? Why would anyone who lives in the city with so many wonderful independent restaurants and stores want to eat the crap in franchises. As for stores, well sometimes I guess you do need to shop at a Limited if you want to look like everyone else. And I for one am so glad it is MOM’s Organic Market instead of Trader Joe’s. If I wanted all that I would move to the county.

  6. That giant ugly dam building is a disgrace to the neighbor hood. It will never work, I bet on that. looks like a dam prison

  7. One of the happiest days of my life in Canton was 19 years ago when the Safeway opened. I love shopping small and local but that doesn’t always work so well for family grocery chopping

  8. Rotunda was a disaster! Worked for few years and extreme rent before remodeling as store was 500 s.f. and rent over $2 k!!!!!
    Rats running around building and local thieves stealing from stores.
    Security was joke and if a theft occurred security would offer to call cops for you! People being held up on parking lot or at bus stop! Management let some crazy people rent stores who would do most bizarre things ever seen.
    Entire neighborhood was unfriendly and stuck up both Roland park & Hamden . As Baltimore thinks it is going to replace over 300,000+ who left or were killed in city remember the state doesn’t need the city the reverse is true.

    1. Pamela, a movie theater is coming back. Apparently it’ll be one of those newfangled hybrid places where you can eat dinner while watching the flick.

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