Study: Baltimore Could Totally Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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zombieWhen you’re watching zombie movie this Halloween season, a new ranking encourages you to consider if the Walking Dead came to your town. This year, sought to determine which cities were most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. An undoubtedly painstaking data analysis showed Baltimore is among the top five cities where Americans should seek refuge if the Night of the Living Dead arrives. 

Baltimore ranked fourth on the list, behind Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and Indianapolis. The high ranking was thanks to the Baltimore area’s unique combination of defense and medical expertise. In such a scenario, the experts apparently see firepower rolling from Aberdeen and Fort Meade, while Hopkins seeks to find a cure for the zombifying infection. Baltimore didn’t do so well as far as food supply, and the experts believe the densely packed areas of the city will likely turn everyone into zombies quickly.

Baltimore’s relative safety seems especially important given the risk present for Maryland as a whole.

Despite their rough season, our pro football team is apparently taking a leadership role in calming nerves. ESPN asked tight end Crockett Gillmore about the Ravens’ approach to handling their 1-6 struggles.

“The way we go about our business around here — from [coach John] Harbaugh down — no one is freaking out,” Gillmore said. “We’re not walking around in a zombie apocalypse.”

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