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Attention, attention: September is the new June. No, that doesn’t mean that summer vacation starts a week from now, or that we all have to go back to thinking about swimwear for the season. What we’re talking about is wedding season. Seemingly forever, June has been the beginning of wedding season, with celebrations and ceremonies throughout the summer and through Labor Day. But that’s all seeming so 20th century these days. With summers often being uncomfortably hot, more and more couples are choosing to marry in the fall. The weather is milder, or even cozy (if you opt for a November or December wedding). Venues may be easier to reserve, and you’re less likely to have a date conflict with other weddings or vacations that your guests have planned. With this shift in mind, we’ll be focusing on weddings in the coming weeks—looking into what makes a great fall (or any season) wedding, and where to go locally for all your nuptial needs—flowers, invites, dresses, food, and more. Stay tuned.008

But if we’re diving into wedding research, it’s only right to start with what is obviously the most important part of any wedding—the reason for the season, really—the cake. Yum. But why stop at one cake when you could have a couple hundred? Though Baltimore may be the birthplace of “mega-cakes” made famous by Duff and Charm City Cakes—we’re also home to top-rated cupcakeries, including Flavor Cupcakery, who, you may recall, sweetly trounced the competition on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

The case for cupcakes isn’t a hard one to make. Of course they’re lovely to look at, and each one is perfectly, individually enticing. Plus, after a few hours of vows, speeches, lots of crying, and hopefully some good food and dancing, we’re ready to be done with dishes– not to start carving up a five-tiered cake. And that’s part of the beauty of cupcakes: guests can simply grab one at their leisure, hold it in their hands, toss the wrapper aside, and bite down on a little bit of bliss.  Something else we like about cupcakes: you don’t have to choose. Chocolate ganache? Butter cream? Strawberry accents? With cupcakes, there’s no need to choose. You can offer your guests a variety of options, so there’s something (beautiful and delicious) for everyone. And the effect is a unique and memorable cake display.  There’s even a new trend to send your guests home with a cupcake!  So much better than a bag of mints.

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Something we particularly appreciate about Flavor’s approach (besides, obviously, how irresistibly delicious their cupcakes are) is their focus on tasteful, but eye-catching displays. The stands are all hand-made, with an attention to detail that results in a truly elegant presentation.  And of course, Flavor has wedding consultants who are there specifically to guide you through the process of ordering and designing your dream cake display. After all, cake is supposed to be fun and a hallmark of celebration; and this is your opportunity to have it just your way. The care—and dare we say, love—that Flavor pours into every tiny cup of batter is evident both in the appearance and taste. This makes wedding cupcakes the perfect way to add variety, fun, and a signature look to your big day. In short: little cakes, big effect.

Flavor Cupcakery has locations at  118 N Tollgate Road in Bel Air and at 10253 York Road in Cockeysville. For more information, visit www.flavorcupcakery.com.