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Baltimore County 4H Fair


4H county Fair

catch of the day fish (2)It’s just not summer without a visit to a county fair. Even (or maybe especially) for city slickers, a trip to the county fair is a reminder of all that’s wholesome, joyous, and a little bit dirt-stained. It’s a perfect place to take the kids for the day—with all manner of livestock there for the ogling and petting. The whole family can watch (or take part in) agriculture-related competitions—one of the grand traditions of any county fair thanks to 4H. If you don’t exactly have a prized hog you’ll be showing, or if your backyard zucchini doesn’t look like it’s going to tip the scales as a record breaker, you can always win at the cake auction—or PP&B Bingo.

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Given the overwhelming abundance of dazzling and convenient entertainment options available to kids today, that they’re still willing to pile into the car to watch a 4H demonstration in the Cow Palace at the Maryland State Fair — or to get spun around in a giant teacup — is remarkable. It gives me reason to hope that after the technological singularity our synthetic brains will walk our hologram bodies over to the Farm and Garden Building for a little “Swifty Swine” pig racing.