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When Johns Hopkins and Abraham Lincoln Were Pen Pals



Well, “pen pals” might be stretching it — the Library of Congress’ online collection of Lincoln correspondence contains only one letter from Hopkins to the then-president, dated 1862. As you may have heard, that was a rough time for Lincoln — and Hopkins, a pro-Union big wig in Baltimore, had some advice to give.

Maryland Republicans Get a Morale Boost but Learn No Lessons from “Lincoln”

Daniel Day-Lewis taking a break in character

Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln was serendipitously timed. Fresh off a wake-up call of an Election Day, Republicans across the nation were able to lick their wounds with a movie all about the party’s original and greatest success. And though the coalition of abolitionists and former Whigs depicted in the film bears little resemblance to the post-Southern Strategy, post-Tea Party GOP, it has been for some — perhaps especially in Maryland — a morale booster.