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Nat’l Aquarium Rehabs Two Seals, Releases Them Back into Open Water

Luna’s release on Thursday. Photo via National Aquarium.

Two seals that the National Aquarium staff helped rescue from harm’s way earlier this year are now happily swimming back in the open ocean.

Phil the Rescued Harbor Seal is Starting to Feel Better

Photo via the National Aquarium

Six weeks since he was first whisked away to Baltimore from a muddy stretch of an inland Delaware river, Phil the harbor seal is showing signs of improvement.

National Aquarium Staff Rehabbing Harbor Seal Found Stranded in Delaware

Photo via National Aquarium

A harbor seal that now goes by Phil is being nursed back to full health at the National Aquarium after being found stranded in a river in Delaware.

National Aquarium Rescues 21 ‘Cold-Stunned’ Sea Turtles

Some of the rescued turtles, Courtesy National Aquarium

Some more shelled critters are taking refuge at the National Aquarium. This time, many of them are of the endangered variety. And judging by their newly given names, they may also possess magical abilities.

National Aquarium’s New Animal Care and Rescue Center Coming to Jonestown

Artist rendering of the new facility, Courtesy National Aquarium
Artist rendering of the new facility, Courtesy National Aquarium

The National Aquarium’s many marine dwellers in the Inner Harbor will soon have some new digs for when they need to go for a check-up.

MD SPCA Weekly Pet Adoption: Katie the Beagle


#84172 KatiePlease say hello to…

Katie, 1 year old, spayed female, 41 lbs., Beagle mix

Hi everybody! If you’re looking for a sweet fun loving young hound, then I’m the girl for you. I totally love to take long walks on leash and play games whenever possible. I will keep you company whenever you need. Please visit me at the Maryland SPCA adoption center and let’s go home together today.

Visitation Hours:

Monday & Tuesday 2:30 pm – 6:15 pm

Wednesday – Friday 12:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Saturday & Sunday 11:00 am – 3:45 pm

The Maryland SPCA receives no funding from the government or ASPCA.  We rely on donations to help pets and people in our community.  Your support saves lives! Visit www.mdspca.org.

Strut Your Mutt!


Strut Your Mutt

catch of the day fish (2)Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” Not a bad idea. Surely any doggie afterlife is full of play and enthusiastic affection; and it’s probably a place where all food tastes good. Plus, we feel such kinship with our furry friends that the idea of being eternally separated from our canine companions is just too much to bear. After all, no matter how long or hard your day, no matter how bad of a mood you are in, your dog is there to comfort you—not a care in the world. So why not give back a little bit to the species that gives us so much? Take Fido out for a stroll this weekend with Strut Your Mutt—you’ll both have a good time, and you’ll be helping support animal rescue, too.

Help Police Find the Terrible Person Who Shot This Cat with an Arrow



Ugh, this story makes my blood boil:  earlier this week, a woman in Anne Arundel county noticed that the stray cat she’d been feeding over the past year had been shot with an arrow. Yes, you heard me right:  someone took a bow and arrow, aimed at a fluffy orange tabby, and let fire.

Four Llamas, 30 Cats, 16 Alpacas, and a Peacock: Ellicott City Farm Family Lives Happily off Their Land



“I may smell like pig!” Alison Martini Meyer tells me, laughing, when I’m moved to hug her goodbye after a visit to her vet clinic in Silver Spring. At her generous invitation, I’ve transported a sick and dizzy and can’t-walk rescue kitten from a shelter in Baltimore. “We’ll keep him here and run tests,” she says calmly, walking quickly through the clinic in jeans and flats. The pretty brunette 40-something works here half the week and spends other weekdays at home on the nearby range of western Howard County tending land and animal and little child. Her loaded life’s super inspiring to an animal lover like me, who wants to help critters in need but does so only in small doses.

Baby Fox Rescued by Harford County Firefighters

Handout photos courtesy Joppa-Magnolia VFC / May 1, 2013
All photos courtesy Joppa-Magnolia VFC / May 1, 2013

Once in a while Harford County Volunteer Firefighters get a frantic request from a resident whose cat is stuck up a tree or trapped in a gutter, and they’re happy to rescue the terrified pet, according to Lieutenant Volunteer Firefighter John Terrell, 30. But it’s a much rarer moment when a 9-1-1 call comes through like the one the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Station received around 10 Tuesday night from a development in Edgewood: Help! Wild baby fox trapped at the bottom of a storm drain.