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Charles Village Stands Up for Local Business, Rejects Grocery Store Plan



As planning for what to do with the vacant lot in the heart of Charles Village (that grassy expanse between 32nd and 33rd Streets, along St. Paul Street) began to develop, there was some talk of bringing in a grocery store to anchor the space. But that won’t be happening, according to Armada Hoffler, the developer of the site, because Charles Village residents are afraid that a larger grocery store would run beloved local market Eddie’s out of business.

Johns Hopkins Announces Plan to Develop Charles Village Vacant Lot (Finally!)



Back when Streuver Bros., Eccles and Rouse purchased the east side of the 3200 block of St. Paul Street in Charles Village,  there was lots of heady talk of development. SBER tore down the existing buildings with plans to erect newer, fancier things:  retail! a parking garage! apartments! But then the economy tanked, the developer sold the land to Johns Hopkins, the plans to develop the lot seemed permanently on hold. Last year, a university spokesman said the school would do something about the lot “at the appropriate time when the economy allows.” In the meantime, the large lot just sat there, a large fenced-off field in the middle of the city, occasionally playing host to impromptu picnics. But that’s all about to change.