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Maryland Zoo Gets Three Tiny New Penguins

Courtesy Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Courtesy Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Keepers at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore have welcomed a trio of small, fuzzy baby penguins into world over the last six days. The birds are the first to hatch at the zoo during this year’s breeding season for African penguins.

Lion Cubs on Display at the Maryland Zoo


Lions 23 - Cubs 10 (25 wks) Luke, Leia, and Zuri

catch of the day fish (2)The Maryland Zoo is always a great place to bring the family, but more so now than ever. After all, how often does your entire family get to meet an entire animal family? In this case, the animal family in question is a pride of lions. The zoo’s three adorable lion cubs are growing up right before our eyes. In the past couple of months, Luke, Leia and Zuri have become confident enough cats to regularly spend time on exhibit. That means you can catch a glimpse most days of the week as they play, run, and hide (adorably) from the neighboring giraffes (really).

Help Name Baltimore’s Baby Sloth, in Honor of International Sloth Day


Just in case it somehow slipped your mind, we’d like to remind you that Saturday, October 20 is International Sloth Day. (That’s sloth the mammal, not sloth the mortal sin; apologies to everyone who got prematurely excited about spending all day on the couch watching TV.) In honor of the event, the National Aquarium is asking you, the public, to come up with the name for its brand-new baby sloth.

The Maryland Zoo’s Newest Baby Animal


I can’t restrain myself any more — you might want to plug your ears — EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Phew, got it out of my system. But high-pitched squeals are really the only appropriate response to the photos of a days-old African pygmy goat, the Maryland Zoo’s newest resident.

Little Lana’s birth on June 10 was a victory of sorts for the zoo, who brought her parents (Lex and Lois) to the zoo in December in hopes that they’d breed. “It became apparent a few weeks ago that breeding had been successful, and we have been preparing the barn for this new arrival. Sunday morning keepers found the kid newly born and resting with her mother,” said Mike McClure, the zoo’s general curator. Lana, Lois’ first kid, weighed an adorable three pounds at birth, and started tottering around only an hour after she was born.

If you want to take a peek at Lana before she gets big — well, bigger; she is a pygmy goat, after all — stop by the zoo’s farmyard area, next to the sheep. Lana likes to curl up behind the exhibit’s water bowl. “For now, visitors will need to look carefully for a little furry black baby with white ears, but as she grows she will become very active,” McClure advises.

See the first home movies of Lana below: